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In order to maintain the value of your vehicle and keep it performing in top condition, you should change your oil at regular intervals. However, in today’s technologically advanced world, oil change options have increased significantly and it is often difficult to determine which oil change service is best for your car. A good rule of thumb is to simply use the grade and viscosity your vehicle’s manual calls for but with so many choices out there, we at Jiffy Lube in the Sacramento area wanted to provide this article about different oil change options.

A conventional oil change service uses “conventional” oil derived from petroleum. For decades, a conventional oil change was the only oil change option. Today, conventional oil change services are still recommended for most vehicles, especially brand new cars with less than 5,000 miles. This initial mileage is known as a “break-in” period for vehicles straight off the factory line. During assembly, the manufacturer uses their special brand of conventional oil and attempting to introduce synthetic oil too early may decrease vehicle performance. One of the clear advantages to a conventional oil change is price. Conventional oil change services are significantly less expensive than synthetic and high mileage oil change services.

An synthetic oil change has its own advantages and benefits. It was originally developed for use in jet aircraft engines. Realizing its incredible capacity for reducing friction and wear on engine parts, the automotive industry started to develop synthetic oil for cars. Synthetic oil contains non-conventional, high performance fluids that create a unique chemical formula which increases resistance to viscosity breakdown. Synthetic oil change services may be more costly but have some pretty impressive advantages such as:

Flows easier in colder weather
Increases resistance to break down at high temperatures
Consumes less energy due to engine friction and saves fuel
Lasts as much as three times longer than conventional oil

High mileage oil change services are recommended for vehicles with over 75,000 miles on the odometer. The composition and formula of high mileage oil is designed to slow the aging process for engine parts and extend the performance life of your vehicle. It helps to condition engine seals, reduce leaks and deposits, and lower oil consumption in older vehicles.


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