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One day, you may need to drive your vehicle onto the curb. This is often necessary at special events and to access certain work areas. It’s not as easy as lining the wheels up with the curb and gunning it. Follow these steps to do it properly.
If you have a super low deck vehicle, forget about it. There is no way you will be able to do it.
Determine if your vehicle is tall enough to get over the curb. The bottom of the vehicle should be higher than the curb. Most SUVs and pickup trucks are, passenger vehicles may not be.
Align the axle so it is parallel to the curb. This can be the forward or rear axle, depending on your circumstances.
Approach the curb slowly. Once the tires reach the curb, you may need to apply additional power to get it over.
Repeat the above step for any additional axles crossing the curb.
You’re done. Watch for pedestrians if you are driving on the sidewalk.
The procedure to get back down is pretty much the same. Align the axle with the curb once again and slowly drive down.


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