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Keeping a strict maintenance schedule of your car’s brake system can save you a lot of trouble. Sadly, even a well-maintained car can easily break down. It’s a good thing there are always warning signs of an impending brake problem. Your knowledge of these can help you zero-in on a solution.

This can mean two things. First, your brake pads are long overdue for replacement. Second, there’s something else getting stuck on the rotors every time you step on the brakes. This could very well be the caliper itself or perhaps, more seriously, the metal part of the pads. Whatever the case, you should have it checked and serviced immediately.

High-pitched squeals emanating from the brakes as soon as you step on the pedal usually means your brake pads are wearing thin. Modern brakes are equipped with wear indicators that touch the rotors when the brake is applied.

The presence of brake dust that has accumulated on the pads can also produce that high-pitched noise. Other potential causes include rust or debris on the rotor surface and glazing of the brake pads secondary to excessive heat. Have it inspected by a professional.

Loss of brake pedal pressure
When you apply the brakes, the pedal should feel relatively firm which actually increases as you push down towards the floor. If it feels rather spongy or if you can depress the pedal all the way to the floor with relative ease, you’re possibly looking at a leak in your brake lines. It can also mean that your brake pedal needs a little adjusting or it could mean your entire brake system is already failing. In this instance, you must pull over as quickly and as carefully as you can then get in touch with your mechanic or emergency roadside assistance.

Vibrations on brake pedal
One of the reasons why you may feel as if your brake pedal is a bit ‘bumpy’ or ‘pulsing’ is that the brake rotors are already warped or worn usually because of excessive heat or friction. This should not be confused with the ABS of modern cars which can give you almost similar sensation. When in doubt, it is best to have it checked.

Whenever you take to the road, you want to feel safe. Keep your car’s brake system in its optimum operating performance and never go cheap on brake parts. Safety should be your first priority.


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