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If you are applying for a Texas driver license, you must comply with the following procedures.

Applying for a Texas Driver License

An application for a driver license must be made in person. You can obtain an application at any driver license office or download an application from DPS website.
All in-office applicants are provided an opportunity to complete a voter registration application.
All men 18-25 years of age who are U.S. citizens or immigrants are automatically registered for selective service upon issuance of an ID card or driver license.

Required Documents and Application Information To apply for a Texas driver license, you must provide the following documents and information.
1. Your full name, proof of residential address, mailing address, current county of residence, place of birth, and date of birth
2. Identification documents
3. Social security card or other acceptable evidence of a social security number
4. Thumb or index fingerprints
5. Physical description
6. Answer the medical status and history questions listed on the application. Individuals with certain medical limitations may have their cases reviewed by the Medical Advisory Board (MAB) before the license is issued
7. Surrender any valid out-of-state driver license
8. U.S. citizenship status or lawful presence

Driver Record
A complete record of all your examinations will be recorded on your application and scanned into the Driver License System where it becomes a part of your permanent driving record. Any convictions for moving traffic violations or crashes, including out of state records of convictions, will be recorded as part of your permanent driving record. To find out more information on driver records and how to obtain a copy of your record, visit DPS.

Evidence of Financial Responsibility (Vehicle Insurance)

When applying for an original driver license, you must provide evidence of financial responsibility or a statement that you do not own a motor vehicle that requires the maintenance of financial responsibility.
Evidence of financial responsibility must meet at least the minimum amount required by Texas and cover each motor vehicle the applicant owns that requires maintenance of financial responsibility.

Vehicle Registration
When surrendering an out-of-state driver license, a new Texas resident must submit, with a driver license application, evidence that each motor vehicle owned by the person is currently registered in Texas, or indicate they do not own a motor vehicle required to be registered. A registration receipt issued by the county tax assessor-collector of the county in which the new resident resides is satisfactory evidence that your motor vehicle has been registered in Texas.

The required fee(s) must be submitted before any exams will be given for an original Texas driver license. An additional $1 administrative fee is included in most transactions. However, if you are completing multiple transactions at the same time, either in-person or online, you will only be charged the $1 administrative fee once. A $1 administrative fee is not charged for transactions made through the mail.


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