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On the reverse side of the card, state law requires DPS to print the statement “Directive to physician has been filed at telephone #” and “Emergency contact number”. Space is provided on the surface for the license holder to write a telephone number and a box to the left of the statement to indicate why the telephone number is provided.
Space is also provided on the back of the card to allow individuals to voluntarily list health conditions which may impede communication with a peace officer.
Additionally, an application for an original, renewal or replacement driver license or ID includes the option to provide the name, address and telephone number of two individuals who may be contacted in the event of injury or death of the applicant.

Allergic Reaction to Drugs
DPS does not print medical information on driver licenses or ID cards. To add medical information to the back of your driver license or ID card, use a permanent ink pen and write the following information:
1. Name of your physician
2. Emergency contact number
3. Name of medication that may cause an allergic reaction

Organ Donation
DPS offers “Donate Life Texas” pamphlets to any person who visits a driver license office. The pamphlets provide general information on the Donate Life Texas program. If you choose to be an organ donor, a small red heart with the word “donor” will be printed in the lower right corner on the front of the card. Cards that indicate a person’s wish to be a donor shall be conclusive evidence of a decedent’s status as a donor and serve as consent for organ, tissue, and eye donation. You can register to be an organ, tissue, and eye donor online at


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