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Should I always see a doctor after a car accident?

Simply put, for purposes of your health and any insurance claims you file, it’s best to always seek medical attention as soon as possible following a car crash.

How do I know if I have a “personal injury” case?

If you have an injury resulting from the car accident, and you feel that you aren’t getting fairly compensated, contact your personal injury lawyer. Present your lawyer with your medical records and he or she will advise you from there.

What if my injuries keep me from working?

Generally, car accident attorneys take lost wages into account when filing suits against insurance companies.

Be sure to keep records of specific dates you missed work, the amount of money you lost, and even any money you paid for public transportation to get to work (if your injuries allowed it but your vehicle was too damaged).

What kinds of medical records should I keep?

Make sure you ask for a copy of all medical records from each medical professional you see for injuries related to the car accident.

Should I provide the other driver’s insurance company with my medical records?

No. The ONLY people who should have access to your medical records are your doctors and your personal injury attorney.

When it’s time to present your medical records to the insurance company as evidence, your personal injury lawyer will do so.

Should I allow my own health insurance to cover my medical bills?


Your personal injury attorney knows how to make sure you (and your health insurance company) receive reimbursement for the medical costs associated with an accident for which you were not at fault.


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