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The following equipment is considered optional and is not required to be on your vehicle.

Optional ItemDescription
SpotlightSpotlights must be turned off for a vehicle approaching from the opposite direction. If headlights fail, it may be used with the beam striking the road not more than 50 feet in front of the vehicle on which it is used.
Side cowl or fender lightTwo of these types of lights are permitted; must show amber or white light without glare.
Running board courtesy lightsOne running board courtesy light is permitted on each side; must show amber or white light without a glare.
Backup lightsTwo backup lights are permitted separately or in combination with other lights. Do not use when vehicle is in forward motion.
Flashing lightsWidespread flashing lights may be used on any vehicle to warn of unusual traffic hazards; must show flashing amber or white to the front and flashing amber or red to the rear and must flash simultaneously.
Additional lightsAny motor vehicle may have up to three additional driving lights mounted on the front, not less than 12 inches but not more than 42 inches from the road surface.
Sunscreen or window tintingIf sunscreen or window tinting is used, it must comply with the appropriate state regulations for your vehicle make and model.


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