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During a stop, a law enforcement officer will determine if you have a valid driver license as required.

Conviction Penalty*
1st conviction A fine of up to $200.
2nd conviction in one year A fine of $25 to $200.
Driving without a license, operating a vehicle without insurance at the time of the offense, and driver causes a crash resulting in serious bodily injury or death Class A misdemeanor punishable by a fine up to $4,000 and/or confinement in jail for not more than 365 days.

*Additional suspensions and surcharges may apply.

Restrictions Placed on a License

A restriction may be placed on your license. This is not meant to interfere with your driving but to make you a better driver. Following is a complete list of the restriction codes.

Code Description Code Description
A With corrective lenses P1 For Class M TRC 454.424 until MM/DD/YY
B Licensed operator front seat 21 or over P2 To/from work/school
C Daytime only P3 To/from work
D Not to exceed 45 mph P4 To/from school
E No manual transmission equipped CMV P5 To/from work/school or LOFS 21 or over
F Must hold valid learner license to MM/DD/YY P6 To/from work or LOFS 21 or over
G TRC 545.424 applies until MM/DD/YY P7 To/from school or LOFS 21 or over
H Vehicle not to exceed 26,000 lbs GVWR P8 With telescopic lens
I Motorcycle not to exceed 250cc P9 LOFS 21 or over bus only
J Licensed motorcycle operator 21 or over in sight P10 LOFS 21 or over school bus only
K CDL/CLP Instrastate commerce only P 11 Bus not to exceed 26,000 lbs GVWR
L No airbrake equipped CMV P12 Passenger CMV restrict to Class C only
M No Class A passenger vehicle P13 LOFS 21 or over in vehicle equipped w/ airbrake
N No Class A or B passenger vehicle P14 Operation Class B exempt vehicle authorized
O No tractor trailer CMV P15 Operation Class A exempt vehicle authorized
Q LOFS 21 or over, vehicle above Class B P16 If CMV, school buses interstate
R LOFS 21 or over, vehicle above Class C P17 If CMV, government vehicle interstate
S Outside rearview mirror or hearing aid P18 If CMV, only transport personal property (interstate)
T Automatic transmission P19 If CMV, only transport corpse/sick/injured (interstate)
U Applicable prosthetic devices P20 If CMV, privately transport passengers (interstate)
V Medical Variance documentation required P21 If CMV, fire/rescue (interstate)
W Power steering P22 If CMV, intra-city zone drivers (interstate)
X No cargo in CMV tank vehicle P23 If CMV, custom harvesting (interstate)
Y Valid Texas vision or limb waiver required P24 If CMV, transporting bees/hives (interstate)
Z No full airbrake equipped P25 If CMV, use in oil/water well service/drill
P26 If CMV, for operation of mobile crane P34 No expressway driving
P27 HME expiration date MM/DD/YY P36 Moped
P28 FRSI CDL valid MM/DD/YY to MM/DD/YY P37 Occupational license (no CMV); see court order
P29 FRSI CDL MM/DD/YY – MM/DD/YY or exempt B vehicles P38 Applicable vehicle devices
P30 FRSI CDL MM/DD/YY – MM/DD/YY or exempt A vehicles P39 Ignition interlock required
P31 Class C only: no taxi/bus/emergency vehicle P40 Vehicle not to exceed Class C
P32 Other

Visit your local driver license office for more information concerning the removal or addition of any restrictions from your driver license or learner license.

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