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If you are feeling tired, you shouldn’t drive. Driving without enough sleep is dangerous driving, check out the reasons why.

The impact of drowsy driving we discuss the reasons, you shouldn’t drive while tired. Check out part 1 and 2 of this series: Never Underestimate The Importance Of Sleep + Here’s What No One Tells You about Driving Drowsy.

It can be fatal.

3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Drive Tired, Youngs Insurance, Ontario
Driving when you are tired impairs your driving, just like drugs or alcohol. According to the AAA Foundation, 16.5 percent of fatal crashes involve a sleepy driver. When you are tired, your reaction time slows down and you are less aware. Your judgement is also affected. A sleepy driver might not even realize their car in front of them is about to stop. Every driver becomes a dangerous driver when they are tired.

Your biological clock is telling you not to.

Each person has their own biological clock to tell them when to sleep. Sleep is vital to your health and functioning. In between midnight and six a.m., the urge to sleep is the strongest. Being tired makes it more likely for drivers to crash during this time. Your biological clock also makes you feel tired in the afternoon, between one and five p.m., making this another dangerous time.

You just can’t stop yourself.

Did you know that some people can be asleep for up to four minutes before they realize that they have been sleeping? You can’t always make yourself fall asleep, and you can’t always make yourself stay awake. In a study of drivers who fell asleep and crashed, the AAA Foundation found that almost half of them reported feeling a bit tired, or not tired at all before the crash. In another study, the AAA Foundation found that while 85 percent of people agreed that drowsy driving was wrong, more than 41 percent said they had fallen asleep while driving in their lifetime. Dozing off for even a few seconds can be fatal.


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