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A renewal notice invitation may be mailed to the last address you provided to DPS about six weeks before your license expires. If you do not receive this courtesy notice, it is your responsibility to renew your license.

Application for Renewal

A Texas driver license must be renewed every six years. A renewal application must be made in person at any driver license office unless you are eligible to renew online, by mail, or by phone at 1-866-DL-RENEW. To check your eligibility to renew, visit us online or call the number provided.
A person must appear in a driver license office at least once every twelve (12) years for a vision exam and to update the photo, signature and fingerprints. Some of our larger office locations offer the ability to get in line on-line.

Alternate methods to renew will not be extended to:
1. Any person whose license is suspended, cancelled, revoked, or denied
2. Commercial driver license (CDL) holders
3. Holders of an occupational license, provisional license, or learner license
4. Licensees restricted because of driving ability or a medical condition that requires periodic reviews, including any medical or physical condition which may result in progressive changes to a licensee’s ability to safely drive a motor vehicle
5. Driver license or ID card holders who are subject to sex offender
6. Driver license holders who are 79 years of age or older
7. Driver license holders who do not have a social security number or photo on file
8. Non-U.S. citizens, due to a verification process

When you are at the driver license office you will be asked questions concerning your medical history. If you have certain medical limitations, your case may be referred to the Medical Advisory Board (MAB) for their opinion about how your condition may affect your driving. For more information on MAB

Individuals Returning to Texas from Military Service

Within 90 days of being honorably discharged, military personnel returning from duty must present a Texas driver license and separation papers to obtain a renewal license without taking the knowledge and driving exams when the license has been expired for over two years.

Out-of-State Texas Licensees

Eligible individuals who do not currently reside in Texas but whose true, permanent home is in Texas may mail in their application for renewal. Download the Out-of-State Packet (DL-16P) or Out-of-Country Application (DL-16) from their website, . The following individuals who are out-of-state are not eligible to renew by mail and must renew in-person.
1. A person subject to sex offender registration requirements
2. A person 79 years of age or older
3. A person holding a commercial driver license (CDL)
4. A person who is not a U.S. citizen
The proper fee and the results of your vision exam, performed by an eye specialist or an authorized driver license employee, must be included with your application. The license will be renewed and will be valid to expiration date shown or until 45 days after return to Texas, whichever comes first.
Make check or money order made payable to: TX DPS. Do not send cash. Mail to:
Mailing Address:
Texas Department of Public Safety
Central Cash Receiving
PO Box 15999
Austin, TX 78761-5999


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