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Here’s what We recommend as routine for the interior:

Wipe down all vinyl, leather and plastic surfaces with a damp cloth. A microfiber detailing towel is excellent for this task, as it will leave a lint-free, dust-free finish.

Pull out your floor mats, and shake or brush off the dirt and debris.

Pick up trash (that old banana peel you tossed into the backseat), and empty the ashtray and console storage bins.

Wipe down your door jambs and door sills with a damp towel.

Wipe down your interior glass and your rear view mirror with a damp microfiber detailing towel. If your windows are relatively clean, you don’t need to use a glass cleaner.

Regular wipe down with an interior protectant keeps the interior clean and conditioned.

Monthly Car Interior Detailing

Once a month your car’s interior will need a little more than a quick wipe-down.

After awhile, your interior glass will have some film buildup. The carpet will need to be vacuumed, and the dash, console and other vinyl parts will need new protection.

Here’s what I recommend to be consistent longer term:

Follow all of the steps for the above Weekly Interior Cleanup.

Vacuum the interior carpet, seats, seat crevices and console.

Clean the interior glass with a good glass cleaner and a microfiber detailing towel.

Apply a quality UV protectant for vinyl which usually includes the dash, console and tops of door panels (the areas with the most sun exposure).

Quarterly (am I getting carried away!)

Follow all of the steps for the above steps (of course).

Clean and protect all leather and vinyl upholstery.

Clean and protect all rubber door, trunk and hood seals.


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