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Young man driving car

You must set your parking brake on your vehicle anytime you get out in Denton County in the Fort Worth area.

While do you not have to have a windshield to drive, you must have windshield wipers; otherwise, it is illegal to drive.

If you own a horse in Texarkana and ride it at night, the horse must have tail lights.

In Richardson, it is illegal to do a U-turn.

It is illegal to drive within an arm’s length of alcohol—including any alcohol someone consumed—in Lubbock.

It is illegal to drive down Broadway in Galveston before noon on Sundays.

You cannot have any item or object protrude from your car bumper unless it is attached with a chain.

The fastest speeding ticket issued was in Houston for someone going 242 mph in a 75-mph zone.

331 speeding tickets were issued to drivers in Sutton County in 2014 who were driving 100 mph or faster.

While Texas does have similar traffic laws found in other states, it certainly has a few unique ones you will need to know.


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