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Governments enforce traffic rules to keep commuters and pedestrians safe. The basic road rules are to stop at a red light, obey the speed limit, and not drink and drive. When drivers circumvent the rules, collisions may occur that result in fatalities or endangerment of those in the vicinity. Men have blamed women for circumventing the rules and vice versa, but the truth is that both parties are guilty. Governments have established highway patrols to ensure that drivers obey the rules of the road so that everybody remains safe. Although the patrolmen can be harsh at times, they have our best interest at heart by enforcing the law. In some countries, you drive on the left side of the road, while in others, you drive on the right-hand side. Most traffic rules are universal, but some countries have road laws that are pertinent to their region. The reason governments decided to introduce new laws is that it has discovered incidents on its roads that are a danger to users. We scoured the globe for traffic rules and discovered that some countries have ridiculous road rules that make no sense. We also looked at states in America to find out what the drivers have to tolerate on the roads and were surprised at some of the local road laws. If you’re seeking wacky, weird, and illogical traffic rules, then this article will enthrall you.

No Parking In Front Of Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts offers a drive-thru for the sake of the driver’s convenience, not because it has no parking bays. When you’re in South Berwick, Maine, don’t think about parking in front of a Dunkin’ Donuts, as you could spend up to 30 days in prison or get a fine of around $200. The reason has nothing to do with the cops wanting to be the first in the queue. The law stemmed from avoiding conflict with other traffic. In this instance, a school is situated across the road from the store, but the narrow road prohibits parking.

Black Sunday

Black Friday is a day that most people visit shops to get the best deals. Although those Fridays, most consumers consider being a good day, drivers who own black cars in Denver, Colorado fear Sundays. Most American states have odd traffic rules, and Denver isn’t an exception.

If you drive a black car in Denver, Colorado, you’re not allowed to get on the road on a Sunday and a public holiday.

Although that traffic rule is a legal requirement, police are lenient in enforcing it.

Monkey Trouble

Some drivers love their pets and prefer that the pets accompany them wherever they go. While most drivers have their dogs or cats in the backseats, some may opt for a gorilla pet. If you’re driving in Massachusetts, you cannot keep your gorilla in the back seat. We’re uncertain of who’d want to keep a gorilla anywhere close to them, but drivers are allowed to keep their gorilla in the front seat. The state instituted the law so that drivers could control the gorilla easier if it got out of hand.

No Screeching

When you’re in Kansas, you need to behave on the road and maintain full control of the vehicle, as the police will stop and fine you for screeching your tires on the road. It’s a state law in Kansas that screeching is illegal, but quirky local laws support the state law. If you’re in Derby, Kansas, any deed that creates unnecessary rapid acceleration, skid, smoke or unnecessary tire squeal or stopping is illegal. Any act that simulates a temporary race is illegal. You can spend up to one month in jail if found guilty.

No Taking Clothes Off

Wearing clothes is compulsory if you want to remain civil as well as avoid embarrassment and a fine. If you decide to take a vacation in Sag Harbor, New York, you’re not allowed to take your clothes off in the car. The harbor is part of the Hamptons section of Long Island, a popular location for beachgoers. This section of the code stemmed from the parks and recreation law. The ordinance states that individuals have to wear a bathing suit in public and cannot disrobe on the street, in the car, or in a public place. You can receive a fine of $100 or spend three months in jail.

Sleeping Is Illegal

The state of California is beautiful, and the state government wants to keep it that way. If you’re in Eureka, California, you need to find a dwelling to sleep as the state banned sleeping in public places. The first place that pops into most people’s mind is the park bench, but the government decided that any person found sleeping on the sidewalk, alley, or street is contravening the traffic rules. Should the state find you guilty of sleeping in public, it considers it a misdemeanor and can sentence you to a year in jail or a $1,000 fine.

Pets Cannot Hump Vehicles

Many drivers have pets that they love, and they sometimes tag the animals along for a ride. Since it’s illegal for humans to commit molestation, the state government in Kentucky decided to implement a similar traffic rule for animals. Pets cannot hump vehicles. The legal term that the city used for the ordinance is ‘animal-related nuisance.’ The rule states, that “a pet causing annoyance, discomfort, or injury to the health and welfare of persons in the community” is illegal. The ordinance also states that it includes “molesting pedestrians or passing vehicles.” You can receive a fine of $500.

Don’t You Dare Stop

Germany is home to some of the most luxurious vehicles on the road. BMW, Mercedes, and Volkswagen manufacture some of the most reliable and high-performance vehicles on the road. German drivers have taken advantage of the performance that those cars offer and drive at blistering speeds on the highway. Drivers on the Autobahn are breaking the law if they stop on the high-speed freeway for any reason other than an emergency. The law seems reasonable, although the authorities deem running out of fuel as inappropriate and consider it as driver’s negligence, resulting in a hefty fine.

Splashing Is An Offence

Nobody likes it when it rains when you’re walking. The Japanese government wants to protect pedestrians from getting wet, so it enforced a law that prohibits drivers from splashing pedestrians. The enforcement of this law increases during June when typhoons deposit a lot of water on the side of the road. Splashing a pedestrian in Japan could land you in jail. Also, if you’re a passenger in a vehicle on Japanese roads, you can drink alcohol if you’re of the legal drinking age, but the driver may not partake.

Swearing is illegal

Your mother taught you to keep quiet when you have nothing polite to say. Although your mother’s discipline was to ensure you grow up having manners, if you’re in Rockville, Maryland, you can be in serious trouble if you have a filthy mouth. Drivers in Rockville aren’t allowed to swear within an earshot of other people. You’re not allowed to swear on the highway, the streets, or the sidewalks. That includes communication in your car. The penalty is jail time for up to 90 days or a fine of a $100.


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