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Strange Traffic Rules Part 2

Keep It Clean Or Face The Consequences

Keeping your car clean helps to obtain the optimal resale value and provides passengers peace of mind to know that they’re traveling with a hygienic driver.

Make sure you keep your car clean when you’re in Hilton Head, South Carolina, as the police will fine you for keeping trash in your vehicle.

The code states that it’s unlawful “to place, leave, dump, or permit to accumulate any garbage, rubbish, or trash in any building, vehicle, and their surrounding areas in the town so that the same shall or may afford food or harborage for rats.”

Dirty Tires Mean You’re In Trouble

Keeping your car clean is beneficial for maintaining the car’s value and upholding its aesthetics. When you drive on the roads of Minnetonka, Minnesota, you have no choice but to keep the tires of your car clean if you want to avoid a fine of up to $2,000. The state considers dirty tires a nuisance and illegal if a truck or other vehicles with wheels or tires deposit mud, sticky substances, or dirt on any street or highway. A spokesperson for the city stated that they try other measures to mitigate the situation before instituting misdemeanor charges.

Rollerskate Your Way To Jail

My favorite hobby when I was a teenager was to rollerskate. The thrill of cruising down the street while admiring the neighborhood was priceless. That act would land me in jail or penalized if I did it in Canton, Ohio. If besides crossing, you rollerskate in the roads of Canton you can be sentenced to six months in jail or pay a $1,000 fine. The law doesn’t only apply to rollerskates. If you use a skateboard, a toy vehicle, or a similar device on the road, you’re in serious trouble.

Open Doors Spell Trouble
The State of Oregon is serious about protecting all road users.

While opening a door is inevitable as you need to enter and exit a vehicle, Oregon has limited the time that drivers can leave the car doors open.

The state considers open car doors on the side of traffic, bicycles, or pedestrians as illegal. How do you know how much time you have to keep a car door open? The state government decided that drivers cannot keep their door open for longer than it takes to load or unload passengers. If the police catch you, they’ll give you a fine of up to $100.

Women Cannot Drive

The feud between women and men about who’s the better driver has been around for many years. Women claim that they drive safer, while men claim they have more driving skills. Both sexes are right, but the government has the final say in the state of Virginia. Women in Virginia aren’t allowed to drive on Main Street unless the husband walks in front of the vehicle and waves a red flag. Although the law is questionable, the state has the female driver’s best interest at heart. Let the debate of discrimination and chauvinism begin.

Hot Under The Collar

One of the most popular holiday destinations in the world is Thailand. The East offers a different culture and lifestyle than the West, which I recommend everybody experiences.

When you visit Thailand, make sure that you keep your shirt on when you’re in the car, as you could end up in an Asian prison.

Male and female drivers need to keep their shirts on while driving, regardless of the heat. The law also applies to operators of buses, cars, and cabs. The only question that the government hasn’t answered is if passengers are allowed to take their shirts off.

You Can’t Drive Whenever You Feel Like It

Still staying in the East, we visit the Philippines to find out what quirky laws its government decided to impose on civilians. If you’re driving in Manila, you could be contravening a traffic rule. That may sound vague, but drivers in Manila aren’t allowed to drive in certain areas of the city on particular days in the week. The other requirement depends on the license plate. If your car’s license plate ends with a 1 or a 2, the police can fine the driver for driving in congested areas during specific times. The law stems from the typhoon-influenced season flooding.

Animals Are In Control

South Africa is a fantastic place to visit for a holiday. The sunny beaches in Cape Town and the bustle of Johannesburg welcome numerous tourists every year. When driving on South African roads, keep in mind that animals have rights, too. Local law states that “the driver of a vehicle on a public road shall stop such vehicle at the request or on the signal of a person leading or driving any bovine animal, horse, ass, mule, sheep, goat, pig, or ostrich on such road.” Break that law, and you could face a fine of $500.

No Breathalyzer, No Freedom

France is an interesting country, which gained acclaim for being one of the most romantic destinations in the world. Innumerable lovers and tourists visit the country annually but may be unaware of all the traffic rules.

When driving in France, you’re legally required to keep an unused breathalyzer kit in your car at all times.

The government enforced the law as a way to prevent drunk driving while saving costs that it occurs while stopping drivers. It seems that even if you don’t drink but forget your breathalyzer, you could still be in trouble in France.

Keep An Eye Out

Spain has faced economic troubles in the last few years, but that’s not stopping the government from adding expenses to drivers on its roads. Drivers who require vision-correcting glasses to drive need to keep a spare set in the car always in case of drivers losing a lens or a pair of glasses. The ordinance is a nationwide law, and the Spanish government has allowed the discretion of the police to decide if the perpetrator deserves a ticket. You don’t know which policeman will stop you, so it’s best to keep a backup pair of glasses to avoid a fine.

Stay Hungry Or Go To Jail

One of the continents that I recommend for everyone to visit on vacation is Europe. The culture is vast and enthralling. The people are friendly, mostly, but the traffic rules in certain countries are fascinating. If you visit the small Meditteranean island of Cyprus, the police expect you to stay hungry while you’re driving, as it’s illegal to eat or drink. Drivers aren’t allowed to raise their hands off the steering wheels, as the island experienced a surge in accidents due to drivers losing control of their vehicles. Drivers can face jail time if caught in the act.

Dirty Cars Are Illegal

Visiting Russia can be an exciting experience. The country offers numerous historical sites, and the locals always welcome tourists. The one thing that the Russian government doesn’t welcome, though, is dirty cars. You can receive a fine from the Russian police if your car’s interior or exterior is dirty. The fine is usually around $50. The government enforced the law to ensure that motorists keep their license plates visible during icy periods. Russians are finding it difficult to abide by the law, as cleaning your car outside of your home or the car wash is illegal.


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