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Heads Up in School Zones

Speed limits in Texas are never more sacred than in a school zone, where you’re under special scrutiny as a motorist. You need to drive slowly and carefully when children are present, and the DPS means business when it comes to reckless driving behavior. Illegally passing a school bus, for example, will now mean a fine that’s more than double what it used to be, going as high as $1,250.

If you think you might be in the clear when you’re edging around that bus and see no police cars present, think again. Many buses in Texas are now equipped with cameras that can record the license plates of cars passing them. Even if you get away clean, you could end up getting a nasty surprise in the mail the next month. If a police officer does stop you, the fine will be higher than it would be with a camera.

There are also strict new laws about cell phone use in a school zone, including parking lots and drop-off zones. If your car is in motion, you’re vulnerable to a $200 fine – so just stop and park if you need to send a text.


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