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First, it is important to understand the true meaning of distracted driving, we’ve defined it below. Then you need to understand what causes distracted driving, what the auto industry and the insurance industry are doing about it, but most importantly how you can talk to your teen about distracted driving to put an end to it.

What Are the Costs of Distracted Driving?
Even if you do not have an accident yourself, distracted driving can have serious implications on your car insurance rates. The consequences of distracted driving have implications on all fronts, from your car insurance costs to ultimately the safety of your family and the people in our communities.

Texting on a cellphone while driving has received the most attention as a teen driving distraction, but teen drivers need to realize there are many things in our world today that cause even the best teen drivers to become distracted.

Our busy lives keep us thinking of other things on the way home; our GPS and media players take our eyes off the road; and eating on the run takes our hands off the wheel. All of these things will cause teens driving to become distracted and can increase the risk of an accident substantially.


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