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Each company designs their engines to work best with a specific kind of oil. You’ll see optimum performance with that product. But what if you accidentally use regular oil instead of synthetic oil? Experts say that switching oil types for a given change shouldn’t affect your engine in daily driving. If you need to top off the oil between changes, you should stick to the same type. You can otherwise wait for the next full change to go back to synthetic.

Many oil companies also report that if you use their synthetic products in a car designed for traditional ones, you’ll enjoy all the advantages we already mentioned.

Older cars can be a bit of a special case. When vehicles get old enough, engine sludge actually can be helping to close off seals and gaskets. With the extra cleaning power of synthetic oil, those deposits may be eliminated. You could end up with an oil leak. But you could also end up with improvements in performance that make the switch worth the effort. As is often the case with cars and petroleum products, your exact results may vary.


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