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What do I do if I get a traffic ticket in Texas?
After getting a traffic ticket, you must decide how you will plead. You have three options: guilty, no contest or not guilty. The first two options require you to pay the ticket on or before your scheduled court appearance. If you decide to plead not guilty, learn more on how to fight your traffic ticket. No matter how you decide to plead, just be sure you do so by the date listed on your citation. Ignoring the traffic ticket could lead to a warrant for your arrest.

How can I get a TX traffic ticket dismissed?
In some cases, you can get a traffic ticket dismissed by passing a driving safety course. You must request permission from the county court to go this route, and then complete a state-approved course (online, in person or at home with a DVD). To learn more, check out our page on point reduction and traffic ticket dismissal .

Why is it a good idea to order a driving record?
Periodically check your driving record to ensure the state’s record accurately reflects the correct number of points associated with your driver’s license. Especially after you get a traffic ticket, be sure the state record is correct. Otherwise you could be penalized, face annual surcharges or pay more for auto insurance.

What is the cost of my Texas traffic ticket?
Traffic ticket costs vary depending on the offense and the county in which were pulled over. You should see the full amount owed on your actual citation. If you have misplaced the ticket, visit our page titled Lost Traffic Tickets for tips on how you can track it down.

How many points will I get if convicted?
That depends on whether the violation you were cited for involved an auto accident. Here’s how the point distribution breaks down:
For more on the Texas Point System, check out our dedicated page. You might also want to look into the traffic ticket fines and penalties you face. In some cases, the court might offer you the option to take a driving safety course to get the traffic ticket dismissed and avoid extra points from accumulating on your driving record.

Are traffic ticket fines the same throughout the state of Texas?
No, traffic ticket fines vary by county. However, penalties, points and surcharges are standard throughout the state. Learn more on Texas traffic ticket fines and penalties.

How can I find a lost traffic ticket online?
If you got pulled over by the Texas Highway Patrol you can look up your traffic ticket using an online ticket search. Otherwise, visit our page Lost Traffic Tickets for info on tracking down your citation. Because the state handles traffic tickets on the county level, we help you locate your county court online for details specific to your traffic infraction.

When is it a good idea to hire a Texas traffic ticket attorney?
Each situation is different, but generally speaking, a traffic ticket attorney is a great resource in two situations: out-of-state tickets (or those from far-away counties) and fighting a traffic ticket. For example, if you get pulled over in another state or if the county in which you were cited is a far drive, you can hire a traffic ticket lawyer to stand in for you on your court appearance date. Or if you decide to plead not guilty, you can take your case to an attorney and determine whether that’s a sound decision. Legal counsel might help you decrease the charges, but it really depends on your budget and whether you can make a strong case when contesting the traffic ticket.

How many driving record points can I accumulate before the state suspends my TX driver’s license?
When it comes to traffic tickets and the points that go along with these infractions, the state will suspend your Texas driver’s license if you:
Get 4 or more convictions for moving violations occurring separately within any 12 months
Or 7 or more within any 24 months

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