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Prevention and Protection

Prevention is the key to saving your car’s paint from needing to be restored later due to sun and environmental damage. Start by keeping a consistent washing schedule. Don’t wait hoping that it will rain soon to wash the dirt off your car. Keeping your car clean protects the paint’s topcoat from any future damage. The topcoat is what the car uses as it’s sunscreen so keeping it clean is like maintaining a consistent coat of SPF 50 on your car. The sand, salt, snow and even rain can damage the topcoat making your paint vulnerable to the elements. Wax is your car’s paint and topcoats best friend. The topcoat does add a layer of protection to the paint but adding wax adds an additional layer that makes it difficult for dirt and other environmental elements to stick to the car. Think of it as adding an extra layer of sunscreen or just amping up the SPF level. You can never have too much sunscreen, right? Well your car will thank you for protecting it by keeping it’s beautiful shiny paint for many years to come.

Polishing After Using The Clay Bar

The clay bar alone will not replace polishing your car. What it does do is make polishing the car easier and provides a prime surface for the polish. When washing, drying, using a clay bar and polishing/waxing your car you should always work in a shaded area out of direct sunlight. The surface of the car should be cool to touch as the products used do not work well on a hot surface. Always work on concentrated small areas of the car’s surface and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. On a normal paint job you could use a foam applicator but when the vehicle paint is lightly oxidized and fading you should use a microfiber applicator pad to apply the car polish. When you are done with the entire surface you are ready for waxing!
Waxing Your Car – What Type of Wax Should You Use?

There are basically 4 types of wax products to choose from:

Liquid Wax
Paste Wax
Spray Wax
Wipe-On, Walk Away Clear Sealant

When choosing the right wax for your car the paste and liquid formulas appear to provide the best results when you’re trying to restore faded or oxidized car paint. Spray formulas were found to be less effective and didn’t last as long as the paste or liquid formulas. If you live in a state that has harsh winters it’s recommended that you wax your car before the season begins and be prepared to keep up the maintenance every two to three months. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on the wax you choose. It’s important to test the product in a hidden surface such as the doorjamb before you use it on the entire car. Take your time and work in small areas.

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