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Waxing your car a few times in the year is recommended in order to protect your car’s paint. Summer is by far the best time to wax your car because it takes time for the wax to dry out and fully protect your car. According to best practice, the best time of the day to apply wax is in the evening to prevent direct exposure to the sun after waxing. Waxing in the evening also allows it to dry overnight. Furthermore, according to Auto detailing experts, the ideal temperature for car wax is between 60 and 80 degrees. If you decide to do it yourself, use synthetic wax for a high level of protection. However, if you want more shine, you can choose Carnauba wax. You can check your owner’s manual to determine what the best product for your car is.
Car waxing often takes place during the summer months, when there is more daylight available, and you have more time to spend outside in the sun. Waxing during dry weather is important, as unless you are using a high-quality paste, the wax needs time to dry out before it is fully able to protect the car. If you wax your car during the summer, there are some temperatures you should avoid. Any day above 80 degrees will not be a good day to try and wax your car. Try not to place your car in direct sunlight while waxing, and avoid intense heat. The best time of day to wax the car during summer is definitely in the evening, so that the car has several hours of darkness to fully dry before being exposed to the mid-day sun.

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